About Me

About Me


I'm Derrick. I'm a software engineer (currently at Digital Scientists). This site is where I (rarely) write and share what I'm learning or working on. Don't be surprised if content here seems pretty stale. I generally prefer programming to writing about programming (surprise!), but sometimes I get the itch to reflect or share.

My current role has me working mostly with react.js / react-native and redux.js client-side apps and cloud-based back-ends running Node.js and Ruby on Rails in front of PostgreSQL.

I'm very interested in functional programming (especially the statically typed variety) and am interested in meeting other developers who share that interest. I spend a lot of my free time learning functional languages like Haskell, PureScript, and Clojure and would love to build some apps/web-services with these over the next couple years.

I wasn't always a progammer. In fact, I got my degree in International Studies and Spanish and then spent a couple years in seminary before I decided to transition to software. If you're interested in knowing how I became a programmer, you can checkout my series of posts logging that process.

If you want to connect, @ me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.